Debts & Credits

Debts & Credits makes you easier to take note of your personal debts and credits that you have with people, like money, objects and other things.


✓ Store your money debts/credits
✓ Store your object debts/credits
✓ Store other type of debts/credits
✓ Insert a creditor/debtor of your debt/credit
✓ Select a creditor/debtor from your device's address book
✓ Take a photo with device's camera to represent your debt/credit
✓ Choose a photo from your library to represent your debt/credit
✓ Select an expiration date of your debt/credit
✓ Set a debt/credit without an expiration
✓ Write some notes about your debt/credit
✓ Share your debt/credit via email
✓ Share your debt/credit via text message
✓ Organize your debts/credits list by simply adding, deleting or moving them
✓ Debts/credits expired within 24 hrs will appear in red
✓ Change the currency of money debts/credits from the app's Settings panel